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Low Cost Bankruptcy Assistance. Expert Advice. 

Failed IVA what happens next. Failed IVA what now. Failed IVA Advice

Here are details of our low cost comprehensive bankruptcy service:

  • A thorough review of your situation by an expert consultant.
  • We prepare all of the court documents for you to the highest standard.
  • Expert advice and guidance throughout the bankruptcy process even after you go bankrupt.
  • No form filling for you to do. We complete all of the administration for you.
  • Fully licensed, 
    RSC Service leads the way in the UK for  low cost bankruptcy solutions.
  • Assistance with listing your income and expenditure so that all outgoings are represented appropriately.
  • We fully explain all the benefits and consequences of the bankruptcy process.
  • Provision of 3 copies of the Debtor’s Petition and 30 page Statement of Affairs documents (one for yourself, one for the court and one for the Official Receiver).
  • You will be provided with your local court details and we can book your court date on request.
  • We receive excellent feedback regarding the quality and accuracy of the court documents that we produce.
  • 100% of our bankruptcy petitions submitted meet the strict criteria of the court process.



'Without your help, knowledge and expert advice I don't think my experience going through bankruptcy would have gone so smoothly, and you helped save me from IPA payments that I could not afford.'
Mrs D., Newcastle


'The service you delivered was second to none. Very easy to understand and you made the whole process very relaxed. It's like the weight of a car has been lifted from my shoulders.'
Mr G., Northampton

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Failed IVA what happens next ? Failed IVA what now ? Failed IVA advice

Submit a callback request or contact an expert advisor about your best options with a  failed IVA, to see how you could clear those debts once and for all - 07925183287

An Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) is an insolvency solution designed to benefit those who own a property with equity, have assets, are a director of a limited company or in an occupation where they are restricted from entering bankruptcy. It follows that if you do not meet any of these criteria then it may be the wrong solution for you.

If you have stopped your IVA payments then you could look at the benefits and consequences of going bankrupt.

Failed IVA what next - IVA to bankruptcy - Advantages

If you were in an IVA for less then 3 years, are not a property owner (or you live in your own property that is in negative equity), do not have significant assets (i.e. an expensive car) and are not in an occupation affected by bankruptcy then you may benefit financially by going from an IVA to bankruptcy. This process is effectively replacing one court order by another. This also usually means that you can get a fresh financial start much sooner.

Failed IVA what now - IVA to bankruptcy - Disadvantages

If you do not have long to go to the end of your IVA process then you need to compare your monthly payments with the amount you are going to be expected to pay in a bankruptcy Income Payments Agreement. This is where you have to pay your surplus income each month for 3 years. This is because you need to determine the savings, if any, that could be made by going into bankruptcy. By looking carefully at your income and expenditure and calculating your actual surplus income this may be less than you are paying in the IVA. Talk to us and we can evaluate your circumstances and provide you with a free income and expenditure review.

Failed IVA what next - How long does it take to exit an IVA?

If your IVA has not failed yet then what happens after 3 months of non-payment you would receive a notice of breach. If you take no action for a further month then there would normally be a meeting of creditors and the IVA would then fail. You should then receive a letter confirming the IVA failure that you would need to take to court with your petition if you then file for bankruptcy. This means it normally takes around 4 months to exit the IVA after you have stopped making payments.

Failed IVA what now - IVA to bankruptcy - What are the consequences?

If your IVA fails it would usually mean that you are again responsible to your creditors for your original debts. This is because during the early part of an IVA the money you pay often goes toward set up fees and the IVA company’s own professional fees before any payments are made to your creditors. However, this is not a problem if you move without delay from a failed IVA to the protection of bankruptcy.

I have new debts as well as the debts that are in the IVA

This is not a problem if you go bankrupt because all your unsecured debt would be cleared (with a few exceptions such as student loans and criminal fines). This means that the bankruptcy petition would list all the creditors from the IVA as well as any additional creditors that you have. This would give you a completely fresh financial start.

Speak to an expert advisor on 07925 183287.

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